It started in Michigan. Danielle & Co got us straight up hooked on McClure’s Spicy Pickles. Jason and I can clear a jar in 2.5 days. And then I blanch asparagus and green beans and put them in the juice. And when those are gone (2-3 days), I add 1/3 cup of the pickle juice to cucumber soup. And then I mourn and my mouth recovers from its fiery fury.

We were brainstorming Monday activities for when we’re in Brooklyn in a week and I, wrongly thinking that McClure’s was based in BK, got us excited to visit the home of the beloved pickle.  In my head we would tour the pickling plant and befriend these masters of spice and vinegar. Alas, upon further inspection of the website, we were closer in Saugatuck and the area code is Pontiac. This video was an excellent consolation prize and I highly recommend getting your hands on a jar as soon as you can.

*I will at least visit Brooklyn Kitchen and am beyond open to other suggestions. Lest we spend a full day looking at vintage guitars and other more obscure (read: whoa expensive) stringed instruments.  Something I am willing to spend a half day doing just to see the dazed look on J’s face and watch his hands shake out of stringlust.